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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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night in wanes burg road -- wanes burg -- waynesburg road. >> reporter: that 47-year-old victim continues to fight for her life. police have posted signs like this hoping for tips. surveillance video shows several people rushing to help. this is new video of the 47- year-old woman heading down williams bridge road with a walker full of bags. it she slowly steps off a curb and crosses into the middle of the street where she gets stuck on the double lines by traffic. then watch as the white cadillac clips her from behind. we froze the video here because of its graphic nature. but shortly after the collision several eyewitnesses rushed to help the woman now lying lifeless. the cadillac that hit the woman never stopped.
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remained with the woman until medics arrived and she was rushed to the medical center critical condition. >> i was the first one on the street holding her hand telling her, hold on, it's not your time to go keeping her awake and conscious. >> reporter: this is a white 1980s molds cadillac believed to have front end damage. if you know anything about this call police. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, a.j., thanks. we turn to the weather right now. a beautiful day outside. a nice break from all the cold. temperatures are rising right now. >> bill evans is outside our studios with just how warm it's going to get today. >> well, it's comfortable. i call it suit weather, where you can wear your suit or a ate jacket or sweat ser and it's very comfortable, and it's only going to get warmer. your temperature at noon, we've been looking at the temperatures climbing up.
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we're going to be seeing a sea breeze build in but the temperature probable gets into the upper 60s before that takes place. the breeze is coming off the atlantic and long island sound. it's 69 trenton, 63 this hour as you go up towards sussex. so things will really warm up. we will have this sea breeze developing. the water temperature on the sound is 41 degrees and the the southeast. the water temperature in the atlantic 40 degrees. so we will have this pressure building in. coming up and over us has been a warm front. big, warm air mass off to our south and to our west. you see the temperatures here, the computer model is showing 64 at 2:00. i think as we massage that issue and see that the sea breeze kicks in later than
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but it is only going to get warmer with that warm air coming in as we will set some record highs tomorrow and thursday. we will talk about that and the weekend in your accuweather seven-day forecast. back to you. >> bill, thank you. five people were rushed to the hospital following a carbon monoxide leak inside a home in queens. newscopter 7 was over the house on 77th street in bayside as an ambulance arrived. police say when firefighters responded to a call for a medical emergency, their carbon monoxide detectors began going off. one person was in serious condition. the four others had minor injuries. the source of the carbon monoxide may have been a faulty chimney. a new jersey state trooper killed after being struck by a car. he was attended to an act on interstate 295 in deptford township when he was hit. the trooper was airlifted to copper university hospital in camden where he died this morning from his injuries.
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struck him remained at the scene and so far no charges have been filed. new york governor andrew cuomo revealing updated plans to add a third line on the railroad. the original plans call for additional tracks between floral park and hicksville. residents and businesses fear the impact from years of construction. the governor is now discussion plans with residents and businesses in melville. of course we will keep you posted. talks are underway at this hour between new jersey transit and january officials to try to avoid a strike that has been set for sunday. both sides met yesterday in newark and over the weekend in washington. but no agreement has been reached. new jersey transit trains do run in rockland county and today the mta said that
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connect to access buses at hariman and middletown. >> many of the new jersey transit customers come into penn station or other locations and access our system with a metro card so we will have additional staff on hand to be able to handle that. >> transit workers have authorized a strike for 12:01 on sunday morning. screw one person who will be noticeably absent from those negotiations, governor chris christie. christie is going on a vacation anniversary. he says he will be take calls and giving directions and instructions while he is away. christie says it's not the governor's job to negotiate. he did add that if key be helpful to the negotiations, he'll join the bargaining table. it's another big day in the race for the white house. voters in four states heading to the polls today as the candidates make their last- mirnt pitches for support, this as a new abc news washington post poll comes out.
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ted cruz closing the gap on donald trump. on the democratic side, hillary clinton leads bernie sanders 49 to 42%. but it's the first time clinton's support has slipped below 50%. abc's elizabeth hur joins us now. >> reporter: david, good afternoon. also a big announcement from former new york mayor michael bloomberg, bloomberg saying he is out, and mitt romney says' now recording a robocall for marco rubio. he's not calling it an endorsement but he says his message will voters out bright and early with the race for the white house now heading into the crucial stretch. four states are up for grabs in the republican race. polls show donald trump still leading in all of them. >> you in michigan, we have hawaii, and we have the greatest potato group in the world, idaho. i love idaho. >> reporter: making trump the target of an all-out ad war against him. >> donald trump hasn't served this country a day in his life.
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trump a draft dodger and the conservative pac attacking his temperament. michael bloomberg announcing that he is not running because, quote, there's a good chance that my candidacy could lead to the election of donald trump or ted cruz. just yesterday the mexican president weighed in comparing trump to hitler. trump responded on the phone on gma. >> i'm not happy about that search. i don't want that comparison. but we have to be strong and we have to be vigilant. >> we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is also vowing to do everything she can to stop him. and senator bernie sanders is adamant he isn't going anywhere. >> we're talking about running this campaign to win, to become president of the united states. >> reporter: and so today as voters cast their ballots, the
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ahead. they are holding rallies in states like north carolina, florida, and ohio. these are states up for grabs next week. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we will have results from the primaries and caucuses tonight at 11:00 and throughout the evening at abc7ny. a 10-year-old girl van issues on her -- vanishes on her way to school. and huck hogan back on the stand in his lawsuit over a sex tape what. he says about the difference between his real life and his wrestling persona. new details about a
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federal investigators are on the scene of a commuter train derailment in northern california. fire officials say it could have been much worse and they fear the number of injured would be much higher. the train wept off the tracks because of a downed tree last night. one of the train cars veered into a creek. hulk hogan is back on the witness stand on day two of the trial in his lawsuit against gawker media. gawker's lawyers are cross- examining hogan. they questioned the former wrestling star about when he found out about a sex video featuring him. posting the video. this morning he testified about appearing on howard stern's radio program. >> the person that's sitting here under oath, and i don't lie under oath, it's terry bollea, as the character, we can talk about what i said, i have body slammed elephants,
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and those are all lies. >> gawker argues it could post the video because hogan is a public figure. hogan says privacy was invaded. today marks two years since the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. the memorial was held throughout china. families call for authorities to continue searching. flight 370 vanished enroute from can you voila lum pur -- kuala lumpur to malaysia. ceremonies to remember first lady nancy reagan will begin tomorrow. mrs. reagan will lie in repose tomorrow and thursday. her funeral, closed to the public, will be held friday morning. the former first lady died of
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the first lady will attend the funeral. more than 20 items that once belonged to comedian joan rivers are being put up for auction. christie's auction house will sell the jewelry along with designer gowns, paintings, and other items from rivers' manhattan penthouse. an on-line auction will be held on june 16th. that will be followed by a live auction on june 22nd. rivers died in 2014 at the age of 8 1. a starbucks recall. we will tell you about the item being pulled from store shelves. will it impact your neighborhood coffee shop? and kosher marijuana. it's a growing market, but is it really any different? and taking a live look outside it is early march but it feels a lot more like late april, and we are not
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a storm slamming into the southeast. in a texas town named cool a tornado was anything but that as it blew across a highway. farther east towards dallas, raging flood waters were the story. drivers found themselves abandoning their cars there. the severe weather expected to continue for the next few days. it is time now to get a check on that accuweather forecast. meteorologist bill evans is back outside. we can't keep him indoors.
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inside on a day like today? it's absolutely gorgeous outside. it is a nice day. you see most folks are just in a light jacket or coat. you see a light jacket or coat is perfect here. perfect. that's all you are going to need for today. and tomorrow and thursday, t- shirt weather. here we go. let's take a look up the hudson river. a great day to head up the hudson river. toms river, new jersey, a great day, a lot of sunshine. the temperature has been right around 65 degrees. yesterday's high was sick. high today so far 65. normal high is 47. we started the day at 50. normal low is 33. so we are way warm. upper 60s today, mid-70s tomorrow. those are records that are well within reach. temperatures will drop a little bit friday. that's the way march. it's up and down. it's a lion. but we will also be seeing those temperatures still warmer than normal. we set the clocks ahead this weekend.
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breeze which is going to make the south shore of long island cooler and the connecticut coast a little cooler as well. as we see the afternoon developing lucy that the temperatures are there, like 48 around east hampdon't. yesterday laguardia was nine degrees warmer than jfk. that's because of the wind coming out of the southeast, and also because of the water temperature. the water temperature is 40 degrees, and with the winds out of the southeast over that, that's what we're looking at. a little cooler weather on the south facing shores. inland well into the sit, probably even 70 off to our southwest, around trenton and into the interior. we have hardly any clouds with just a big ridge of warm, pacific high that's going to pick up a lot of warm wind out of the sound. you see this afternoon temperatures in the low and mid- 60s. i think the computer guidance picks up on this for tomorrow. it's all where the sea breezy develops.
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we're into the mid-70s. what you see on long island, montauk barely going to get out of the mid-50s. 61 in bridgeport. that's evidence of that 40- degree water. as we start thursday, 58 degrees. so we'll warm well into the 70s as we go into thursday. it's all this warm air coming up from the south and west up and over us. the jet stream has pushed to the north so temperatures are going to be 15 to 30 degrees warmer than normal. clouds and warm and sunshine. we're looking at 50s to sick on long island, 70s inland, 68 in the park. partly cloudy and mild, 51 tomorrow. we start the day at 5 1. and we should warm to 74. it will be in the mid-60s, south shore of long island, coastal connecticut. your accuweather seven-day forecast, more as we go into thursday. 75. we'll cool down on friday to 65, but even 54 to 60 degrees this weekend, still going to average about 10 degrees, 12
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this time of year. some great weather coming up. so i know lee goldberg will be here first at 4:00. jeff smith is out on a report. why not have lunch outside. we'll have lunch outside after the show, and we're going to have lunch on me, how's that. >> love that idea. >> david said i could borrow his credit card. >> that's not how i remember it, but that sounds good. >> thanks bill. caught on camera, watch as dash cam video, the moment a garbage truck plunges over the side of a highway. it is amazing how anyone could have survived. and a juror in the erin andrews trial talks exclusive well abc news.
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rd cameras were rolling as two determined thieves broke into a store and yanked an atm right out of the floor. police say the suspects wearing hooded sweatshirts and white gloves pulled a truck up to a store in california. one suspect tied a chain to the doors and tried to pull them open. when that failed, the suspects crashed the truck into the store, then they removed the bolts holding the atm machine down and carried it to the truck. the suspects were gone in just
12:24 pm
dramatic dash cam video of a garbage truck that didn't just crash. it flew over the guardrail onto a highway and to a park below. amazingly the driver survived, and no one on the ground was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out how the driver lost control of the truck. a medical marijuana growers in the world are targeting a growing new market. orthodox patients, israel. there are five providers in new york. getting the orthodox union to certify that medical marijuana is kosher is a big releaf for orthodox patients who rely on it. questions have arisen for the faithful but a rabbi says marijuana is a plant and typically would not require kosher certification. since the marijuana is being used for medical purposes it is allowed turned religion. new 12eud shows the amount of fat you're carrying around is more important than your overall weight. the researchers say your bathroom scale could be trick
12:25 pm
them don't tell you how much fat you have packed on while losing muscle. researchers found that keeping body fat low is the most important thing, and it is especially true for young out of shape people at risk of developing diabetes. fda recalling a small batch of breakfast sandwiches sold at starbucks. none of the sandwiches were sold in our area. the maker of the saw sam, egg, and cheddar sandwiches says they may be contaminated with listeria. it affect stores in texas, arkansas, and oklahoma. so far no reports of anyone getting sick. thursday night football may soon be coming to your facebook feed. the social media site says it is bidding to live stream thursday night football on its site. facebook has stiff competition. amazon,er of ryeson, and other streaming companies are also said to be interested. the nfl tv package is worth $450 million.
12:26 pm
streaming rights will cost those sites. still to come on eyewitness news at noon, the search for a missing 10-year-old girl who vanished on her way to school in rockland county. police have just provided an update. plus, donald trump's university under fire. what the better business bureau has to say about this one. and puzzling video. a car cruising down the road with a tree sting its gray. many people asking, what in the world is going on here? >> odd video. eyewitness news is coming right back, but first, a live midday
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our top story this afternoon, an overturned tanker truck shuts down a road in new jersey. newscopter 7 was over the scene on route 206 in raritan township. the road is closed in both directions between route 202 and somerset street. some businesses were evacuated. the driver has minor injuries. new surveillance video captures a hit-and-run in the bronx. the search is on for a driver of white 1980 cadillac that hit a 47-year-old woman last night. several people rushed to help the victim after the crash. she is now in critical condition.
12:30 pm
a gorgeous change after the cold weather. temperatures are climbing. bill evans will join us with the afternoon accuweather forecast in just a few. hello again. i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm david novarro. we have new information in the search for a missing 0-year-old girl. >> the fifth grader was last seen yesterday morning at her bus stop in spring valley. she never got on the bus or showed up to school. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis has the update in spring valley. >> reporter: you can imagine the level of concern when a girl was seen at the bus stop, disappeared, and never made it to school. but this morning police say they of a girl who has run away rather than the victim of foul play. they believe this girl may have been trying to visit her father who lives in queens. now police have been searching for 10-year-old kelly rivera after she failed to show up at school. her mother didn't realize she
12:31 pm
when a teacher called her. this morning teachers escorted the mother to police headquarters as they try to put the pieces together. from what they know now kelly took a cab from the bus stop into manhattan. she has been posting messages to facebook indicating that she was okay and that she was trying to reach her father who lives in queens. investigators say this all may have started after an argument between kelly and her mother. >> she's been communicating with relatives. she actually sent a picture to her mother saying, i am okay, and those are the leads that we are following up on. there's different things that we can do as far as that aspect of tracking things like that. >> reporter: now, one of her last posts indicated that she was back in the spring valley area. one of the problems for investigators, she's using an ipod to post these messages. it connects only when she has wi-fi so they have not been able to pinpoint her precise location. the good news is they do not
12:32 pm
live in spring valley, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at noon the better business bureau is discussing its grading for trump university. officials with the agency say its rating on trump university was as low as a d minus in 2010. that rating, however, climbed to an a plus in 2015 when the university no longer existed. the better business bureau received multiple complaints about trump university which drove the rating down. after three years, those complaints expired, so the rating went up. opening statements are expected to begin on thursday in trial of a mother accused of killing her five-year-old son back in 1991. michelle's son timothy disappeared from a carnival in may 1991. his partial remains were found a year later in an industrial complex in edison. a grand jury indicted her for the murder p in 20 14. police in newark are
12:33 pm
overnight shooting. two suvs collided around 4:30 this morning at south orange avenue and south 10th street. one person there was found to have been shot in the leg. the victim is recovering in the hospital. no arrests have been made. governor cuomo says the mta will soon roll out new buses equipped with wi-fi. 2,000 new buses will hit the streets over the next five years. 23 will roll out unqueens within the next month. another 52 by the end of the year. the governor says modernizing buses and subways will help increase productivity. >> the days where you get on a bus and you read the newspaper are over. right? and people spend time in a but you spend time in a subway car, time in a subway station, you want that time to be productive. if your electronic device is not working, you're out of commission. >> the mta says the state-of-
12:34 pm
with usb charging ports. the justice department has failed an appeal in brooklyn federal court that could impact apple's battle with the fbi in california. federal prosecutors want the court to force apple to provide access to a suspected drug dealer's iphone. they argue that apple has complied in the past. last week a judge ruled apple wasn't requiredtown lock the phone. the government's argument is similar to one being used to get access to the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. mgm resorts is jumping into the connecticut casino battle among three rival tribal tribes who want to build a casino that would compete with a new mgm casino built in massachusetts. mgm is helping to fund the third tribe's battle against the two rival tribes. a plane had to land with a
12:35 pm
it came down in an office park saturday. the father and daughter on a scratch. the pilot radioed for help when his engine sputtered to a stop, but it was up to him to save himself by deploying the chute. >> he had to put the parachute out. he landed in the vicinity, i guess midfield. >> the pilot says he got lucky. he also is not really sure if he is going to be flying again anytime soon. >> you want to have those on every plane. at least, every small plane. it's just amazing when you see it in action. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans. he has the accuweather forecast. wasn't that amazing video? >> it was. i want a parachute on my boat. >> walk around with one on the street. >> we've seen lots of sunshine. here everybody is having lunch
12:36 pm
there, the park, good lunch. the carts are wide open for lunch here. we're looking at a temperature after school it is going to be great to be outside, kids. get outside, folks. parents, get your kids outside. athletic directors, coaches, superintendents, after-school sports, it's going to be great. mid-70s tomorrow and thursday. record highs. we'll talk about it next in your accuweather forecast. shirleen and david, back to you. erin andrews' $55 million victory in court. now one of the jurors speaks exclusively with abc news about the verdict and the message she hopes it i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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go to or call 1.888.get.fios. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v amazing video out of connecticut shows a driver being rescued after his car went flying into the norwalk river. body cam video shows officers getting the man out of the car alive. police say he went through a small park, plowed through a metal guardrail and zoomed over the embankment before crashing into the river. the driver was rushed to the hospital with a serious injury. police are now investigating whether drugs or alcohol were factors in this crash. tennis star maria sharapova lost two major sponsors after admitting she tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. nike has suspended its relationship. this comes a day after she
12:40 pm
during january's australian open. sharapova says it was for a substance she has used for health issues which was just added to the ban list this year, and she did not realize it. now to an abc news exclusive. jurors in the erin andrews trial opening up about the decision to award the sportscaster $55 million. abc has the story. >> $55 million, correct? >> yes. >> reporter: erin andrews is overcome with emotion as the jury read the verdict, the jury deciding the national marriott shares the blame for that naked video. erin andrews later tweeted this statement. i've been honored by the support from victims around the world. their outreach helped me stand up and hold accountable those whose job it is to protect everyone's safety. >> it's ongoing, and it's going to be ongoing for the rest of her life. >> reporter: andrews claimed
12:41 pm
stalker to get a room next to hers. the hotel claimed barrett was a criminal who tricked them into gaining access. at least one juror exclusively telling abc news the only debate for the group was how much to pay her. the $55 million payout will be split almost in half, with barrett taking 51% of the fault, the hotel's management company and owner 49%. >> an amount that high sends a pretty strong message. >> the hotel industry, we just felt like they needed to get the message that this is somebody's privacy, their personal life, and you've got the take that seriously. >> reporter: the hotel's lawyers disappointed saying they hope to eventually talk to the jurors before deciding if they will appeal. >> keep in mind this had never happened before and hadn't happened since. there are all kinds of measures that were undertaken after this was discovered, what mr. barrett had done. >> reporter: the hotel's lawyers say that national marriott has installed peephole
12:42 pm
sure this never happens again. abc news, nashville, tennessee. if you are a fan of tv cartoons, something in this next video might look familiar, but this is note the ride that scooby-doo and the gang would like to take. it's part of a criminal investigation. watch for hazards on the road, including if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row.
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we're any big with some -- we're now back with some big announcements for "dancing with the stars." >> season 22 begins later this month. some very familiar faces there. here's sandy kenyon. >> reporter: it may be season 22 of "dancing with the stars" but those in charge have found a way to mix it up and give us a couple of firsts as i found
12:46 pm
that big cast reveal on gma. back with more nfl stars than ever before, a total of three. doug flutie, antonio brown, and super bowl mvp von miller. no doubt the first contestant ever to be feigned for dancing. smie didn't know that was against the rules but now i know. >> reporter: actress jody sweet was first out at "good morning america," where ginger zee will be doing double duty, appearing while taking care of son adrian. >> you take on a lot. i think dancing is going to add another layer of fun. >> reporter: page van zandt is known as a fighter for the u fc. juan has plenty of experience dancing with boys 2 men, but marla maples told me she has
12:47 pm
i was told to avoid any questions about donald trump but she did mention her daughter. >> my daughter is graduating from college and this is my time to get out. >> reporter: mischa barton is on board, and so is kim fields, "facts of life." >> i was very excited about different. >> reporter: demarco is the first fully deaf person ever to dance on the show. >> i think it's more of an advantage, because i can only focus on the dance moves. >> reporter: geraldo rivera is known for his confidence, but he told me here he's at a disadvantage. >> i may be the only puerto rican in new york when can't tans, but i'm working hard to remediate that. geraldo rivera, who got his start at eyewitness news, fondly recalling those days of on-the-job training told me he never could have imagined then he would ever be doing anything like "dancing with the stars,"
12:48 pm
blazer with the circle 7 pin. season 22 of "dancing with the stars" premiers monday on channel 7. you can also seat on the abc watch app. i confess, i remember those blazer days. i was a viewer at the time, dave and shirleen. bill, you came in right after. >> i was during the pin days. david was an intern here. he has a >> we should bring it back. can i just say really quick, ginger had a baby two and a half months ago. she is amazing. >> we've got to root for her. >> i already said it's a lock, she is going to win it. >> we're going win this the new york way. >> how's that? >> we know people. you'll see what i mean. i know a guy who knows a guy who knows some things. take a look outside at noontime. we have sunshine, we've got a
12:49 pm
and it's just absolutely a nice day. it only gets warmer. there's the circle lain headed up the east river. it's a really good day for that, circle line boat, the ferries back and forth. you are going to have a wonderful time with that. the humidity is low, the winds are calm, pressure falling. the high so far today has been 65. i left the high up for yesterday to show you how much warmer it gets each day. normal would be 47. we started the day off today at 51. the normal overnight low is 33. so we're wisconsin off the chart warm. on the south shore of long island and most likely this carries into the north shore as well, with this wind out of the southeast, spots are going to be chilly. montauk and the hamptons are going to struggle to get out of the 40s, upper 40s today, while tin land numbers will be chasing sent.
12:50 pm
wrightstown already at 70. the connecticut coast, the sound shore as they like to call it, cool kerr in those places. inland we have a front that is pushing over us. this is a big ridge of warm high pressure that will push north and east. it's pushing the jet stream to the north. so 68 this afternoon. tonight partly cloudy, mild, tomorrow record warmth. sun and clouds, 74, a record high in central park. 75 will be a record high on thursday. could be a sprinkle around late in the day, and then we're going cool to 60 for the high, but still 60 is 13 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. so we look at it going into a very nice weekend. shirleen and david. >> very good look indeed. thank you bill. now we're going to tell you about a mystery that is going
12:51 pm
>> i need to find scooby. >> you heard right. police pulled the van over that lacked like mystery machine from scooby-doo. the driver took off and reached a speed of at least 100 miles per hour. that's when officers called for backup. >> still driving very recklessly, almost a teal green '90s dodge kara van, has yellow paint splattered on the sign. looks to be the mystery machine from scooby-doo. >> i'm telling you, it's not hard to spot. at one point four officers were chasing her on the ground and a helicopter above. she eventually aban denied the mystery machine and took off on foot. she has not been seen since. they're still searching for
12:52 pm
so the mystery continues. >> scooby-dooby do, where are you. >> the mystery continues. >> hey guys today we're helping you build a better breakfast. michael has a fresh take on a classic brunch cocktail, and
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a woman's purse was stolen at church. who does this? she says she set her purse down on a bench, and when she went to retrieve it, can you believe this, it was gone. here's the big issue here and why she's turning to facebook for help. in that purse was a small urn containing some of her late husband's ashes and her late mother's rosary blessed by pope paul vi. can you give the woman her stuff back? plus, a spiritual act caught on tape and has gone viral. an officer spotted a young man bent over a homeless man. at first he wasn't sure if he was going to rob the man but then he realized the young man was praying for the homeless man. the officer wrote, he hopes the kid becomes a leader amongst his peers. i know that people are skeptical.
12:57 pm
believe half of what you see. these pictures off a chicago police department's facebook page, a tree caught in the front of a car's grill. it became a january dui traffic stop. no longer had the driver uprooted the tree, they were
12:58 pm
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